Chilled Out

An EU-Runetotem guild since 2006

About Chilled Out

We are an Alliance guild, formed back in 2006.

Raiding with Chilled Out

Chilled Out raiding requires our raiders to apply to the following:

Raid times (server time)
- Raid invites start at 20:45
- Break will be between 22:20 and 22:30
- Raid ends 23:30

The following addons are required to raid with Chilled Out:
- Deadly Boss Mods / Big Wigs (no support)
- Exorsus Raid Tools, mandatory for Kromog (Blackrock Foundry).
- Angry Assignments
- Thogar Assist, only if you die from trains

Setting up the raid team
- The raid team will be formed by Gemmy and Minifu

- Invites will be send out automatically at raid time by Gemmy
- When you join later, you can whisper Gemmy the word chilled (only when confirmed). This only works for guild members. You can also ask Minifu for a manual invite

Boss Fights
- Every raider is required to watch videos and search for information on each boss fight - On progress bosses, Gemmy will explain the boss fight in minor detail - During a fight, Minifu will guide the raiders to victory

Loot Distribution
- When a raider needs loot, the current item needs to be linked in raid chat within 20 seconds after the start of LOOT TIME.
- Loot is distributed through a Loot Council consisting of Angela, Gemmy, Minifu and Mizzawizza
- Votes are based on current item lvl, attendance, effort and play style
- A loot council member cannot vote when he links an item himself
- When votes are not decisive, Gemmy will make the final descision


Chilled Out is always looking for experienced and dedicated raiders to fill up our ranks

Currently we are looking for:
- 1 Tank (any class)
- 1 Healer (Monk or Holy Priest)
- 5 Damage Dealers (any class)

If you are interested you can contact us ingame by whispering Starzhine or Gemmy